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Facial lymphatic massage

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As you can see, across the bags of your eyes you have to sweep outwards. Tips for minimizing puffy lymphafic Prevention is cure right, so I decided to add a few tips into this blog post on how you Facial lymphatic massage reduce puffy eyes. Salt can cause fluid retention, so watch out for salty snacks, processed foods and fast food. Watch your alcohol intake and avoid drinking late at night. Excessive alcohol consumption will weaken blood vessels over time, which means more dilated vessels and more fluid in the eye area. Avoid rubbing your eyes. This irritates the delicate skin. Don't sleep on your stomach.

Your face will then end up rubbing against the pillow which will also cause irritation. Sleeping with your head up and slightly elevated will help with drainage.

Send your under eye bags packing!

Be lumphatic when removing your eye make lyymphatic. Try not to tug Facial lymphatic massage the thin skin around your eyes, if your eye make up remover struggles to remove your make up rather switch brands. Keep your pillowcases clean. Sebum, sweat, skincare, makeup hopefully not though accumulate on your pillowcase, this can also cause lympjatic and clogged pores. Consider going for a lymphatic drainage service at a spa every once Facial lymphatic massage a lymphatci. Don't overdo putting on eye cream at night. Because Faciao many of your lymph vessels are located right below your skin, use light pressure -- just enough to move the skin without pressing more deeply.

Moving the skin helps open the initial lymphatics, which are very tiny lymph vessels with leaf-like cells that open to allow tissue fluid into the lymphatic system. The basic massage movement is a circle with slightly more pressure in the direction of the lymph nodes and lighter pressure as you finish the circle. This helps push fluid inside the lymph vessels into the nodes. Location of Lymph Nodes You have lymph nodes on your face near your ears and eyes. There is a chain of lymph nodes that reaches from the inner corners of your eyes to your nose. Around the bottom of your head there is a ring of nodes -- the occipital nodes in back at the base of your skull, nodes under and behind your ears and nodes under your jaw line and chin.

Lymph fluid that moves from your head into these nodes then drains into two chains of nodes on your neck, leading down toward the collar bone.

Eventually lymph, once it has Facia, processed in the lymph nodes, empties into blood vessels near Facial lymphatic massage heart, to circulate around the body again. Massaging the Neck Lymph massage on the lykphatic starts on the neck. Starting just above the collar bone in front of your neck, massage the skin in slow, smooth circles for about a minute. Move up the neck in a line from the collar bone toward your ears, massaging each inch or two for a minute, moving very slowly. Then massage under your chin for about a minute, in slow circles. Think about lightly pushing lymph from under your chin downward into the neck lymph nodes.

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