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Naksd was other enough, but he was also compelling me with good. But seems a bit like what you are taking, the more psychological messaging of details. In 21 years here. An is because is made from completely thin and then stretchy material which bucks nothing.

I had red sheets on my bed.

I was laying nude on them and my boyfriend at the time said I looked like that famous Marilyn Monroe calendar pic of her on the red sheets. That was flattering because he was a big Marilyn fan. Around that time, I played the role of Marilyn in a play about the Rat Pack. I did a lot of research on her for that. Unfortunately, the movie never got made. My favorite time playing Marilyn was in That same boyfriend, who was by then my ex, wrote a beautiful sad song for me to sing about Marilyn saying goodbye to Joe DiMaggio.

It was about how only he knew and loved the REAL her. I sang it more as Norma Jean, not in full Marilyn-mode. Erica smith naked also sing and Erica smith naked the Ukulele. What inspired you and made you pick it up? Well, music is my formal background. I studied voice in music school. All the singers were also required to Finds local sluts for sex in daws heath the piano to help with music theory. Around orI was going to audition for the role of a ukulele player in Boardwalk Empire, so I went to the store, bought a ukulele and learned it.

It was easy because of my music theory background. Much easier than the piano or guitar, because it only has four strings. If I read something on a page, I can remember it in just a few minutes. That comes in handy for acting and learning lines. I wound up doing that character for the rest of the day. So I took ScarJo into my Marilyn gig. How did you first meet Mike James? In lateI shot a movie with Erin Brown for E. Independent Cinema called Sinful. That was my first trip to his studio. Everything went like clockwork and we had a lot of fun.

Tina Krause is fun to work with, very cool and professional, also down to earth. I told her I already had. What was maybe your worst experience modeling? I guess my worst experience was one of my first ones. I was about 19 years old. So, I met up with this amateur photographer, to shoot in his apartment on the Upper East Side. He was immediately critical of my looks as if he were used to shooting supermodels. He complained about my height. All the while telling me what he could do for me connection-wise. That was uncomfortable enough, but he was also plying me with alcohol. At one point, I was on the bed in lingerie and I look down and see his hand in my panties.

We stopped shooting and he drove me back to my apartment and dropped me off. Good-time pals, Rodney and Tonya Brice Kennedy and Erika Smithallow Rupert to tag along when they arrange a trip to stay at a cabin by the beach. The Polonia brothers' no-budget spoof of sea-creature features is an enjoyable and silly, but affectionate, romp. Similarly, the beach's resident muscle-man, Duke Ken Vansantprovides some good comic relief. He, you feel sure, would have been kicking sand in people's faces in his younger days. Now he just pumps his weights and spews nasty comments at anyone who dares to interrupt him.

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The three other major Erica smith naked here have rather thankless roles, but all perform them admirably. Erika Smith's Tonya Erica smith naked so delightfully dizzy that it's difficult to imagine any sane man dumping her as Rodney does when he sees a few other bikini-babes on the beach. Dave Fife's Rupert lumbers around the beach getting progressively wetter as he searches for clues. He finds an ally in Tess Erin Brown whose own beliefs about the existence of sea creatures have made her a local outcast. Fife and Brown, amidst the wackiness, have to play it straight.

There are some excellent visuals, no doubt thanks to Brett Piper's presence as DP. The underwater shots and beach backdrops are particularly notable with their vivid colors.

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