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Blondees way you blow dry your hair can make or break blkw styling success, so we would like to share the best blow drying techniques with you so that you can create blow dry hairstyles that will hold from morning till night. The common blowout hair care routine involves shampooing, conditioning and blow drying, nothing else. Try using heat to your advantage by incorporating your blow dryer into your commonly used styling tools. When cleverly used, your blow dryer can almost magically add volume and bounce to your hair. You can even blow dry curls or achieve a nice straight blowout hair style; your imagination is the limit.

The words 'gentle hair care' certainly did not apply. Trial and error, a lot of tinkering, and many years of research later, today's iconic blow dryer models have nicely evolved and are far gentler on the hair. Modern, quality hair dryers supply negatively charged particles with the air stream, preventing electrostatic charging and the associated fly-away hair woes after blow drying. Hair that had once appeared dry and brittle was left looking shiny and healthy with these newer models. Still, no matter how advanced modern hair dryers are, in order to master silky-smooth blow dried hair styles, you need to practice a few techniques.

Below, we share some simple tricks, turning your blow dryer into a powerful styling tool in your beauty arsenal, allowing you to transform your haircut into different trendy blow dry hairstyles that really make a statement. Our tips and tricks also prevent your hair from going limp right after you style it. All you need to try out these styling techniques for yourself is a blow dryer, a round brush or paddle brush for a sleek style, and heat protectant spray to keep enough moisture in your hair and avoid heat damage. This merely requires a few simple but effective styling tricks. When blow drying short hairyou can create extra volume by working against the natural fall of your hair — or against the grain if you will.

You can increase this effect by working a walnut-sized amount of volumizing mousse through your hair in addition to the heat protectant spray. Keep working the mousse through your hair throughout blow drying; this will give your hair plenty of bounce and body.

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