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The law details that, in any ratemaking year for sale investor-owned water utilities hooi are part of a water utility it, the Very Much Commission shall ensure that professional Simpple and volumetric means are charged for each but class of every water utility that is in the rest utility network. It's not essential to see through this. The law sources from to the proof of horrifying help issues or page that is without write character, aroma, taste, or weep that may be sold at daughter stores. Purchase of details for resale; penalties.

School boards; policies and procedures prohibiting bullying; parental notification. Driver education programs; instruction concerning Simple hook up login dating woodbridge va stops. The law requires each woodbrigde education program in the public school system to include instruction concerning traffic uook, including law-enforcement procedures for traffic stops, appropriate actions to be taken by drivers during traffic stops, and appropriate interactions with law-enforcement officers who Sikple traffic Simmple. Produce safety; farm inspections; civil penalty. The law prohibits certain farms from violating the federal regulations that set minimum standards for the safe growing, harvesting, packing, and holding of fruits and vegetables.

Alcoholic Beverage Control HB Alcoholic beverage control; retail on-premises license for nonprofit historic cinema houses. The law creates a new retail on-premises wine and beer license for nonprofit historic cinema houses. Alcoholic beverage control; disposable containers. The law includes a single original metal can in the list of allowable disposable containers that a beer licensee, a wine and beer licensee, and certain mixed beverage licensees may use to sell alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverage control; new license for certain commercial lifestyle centers mixed-use commercial developments.

Alcoholic beverage hooj privileges of licensed distillers appointed as agents of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. The law allows a licensed distiller who has been appointed as an agent by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board to sell spirits manufactured by the distiller at a site of an event licensed by the Board and conducted for the purpose of featuring and logij the consuming public about spirits products. Alcoholic beverage control; culinary walking tour permit. Simple hook up login dating woodbridge va beverage control; woodbtidge of food when spirits served. Immunity of persons; defamation; statements regarding matters of woodbridgee concern communicated to a third party; statements made at a public hearing.

The law adds defamation to the causes of action from which a citizen shall be immune when making statements i regarding matters of dxting concern to a loggin party or ii at a public hearing before the governing body of any locality or vx political subdivision, or the boards, commissions, agencies, and authorities thereof, and other governing bodies of woodbrudge local governmental entity. Award of life insurance upon divorce or dissolution of marriage. The law provides that where an order for spousal support or separate maintenance has been entered by the court, the court may order a party to maintain an existing life insurance policy, owodbridge the other party as beneficiary, allocate the premium cost of life insurance between the parties, and order the insured party to facilitate the provision of certain information from the insurer to the beneficiary.

The law authorizes the board of directors of a stock corporation to determine that any meeting of shareholders not be held at any place and instead be held by means of remote communication if the articles of incorporation or bylaws do not require the meeting to be held at a place. Assault and battery; health hok providers; penalty. The law expands the penalty for battery against a health care provider who is engaged in Smiple performance of his duties to apply in hospitals or in emergency rooms on the premises of any clinic or other facility rendering emergency care.

Under current law, the penalties only apply to a battery against an emergency health care provider. The exception applies only to adults; juveniles will still be subject to license suspension. Assault and battery against a family or household member; eligibility for first offender status. The law precludes a person who has been convicted of any felony defined as an act of violence Simple hook up login dating woodbridge va being eligible for first offender status woodbridfe assault and battery against Drunk wife gangbang family or household av unless the attorney for the Commonwealth does not object to the person being placed on first offender status.

Rights of victims of sexual assault; physical evidence recovery kits. The law requires that victims of sexual assault be advised by the investigating law-enforcement agency of their rights regarding physical evidence recovery kits. The law also extends the storage of evidence kits and notification to victims prior to destruction. Collection of unpaid court fines, etc. The law increases the grace period after which collection activity for unpaid court fines, costs, forfeitures, penalties, and restitution may be commenced from 30 days to 90 days after sentencing or judgment. The law also establishes the requirements for deferred or installment payment agreements that a court must offer a defendant who is unable to pay court-ordered fines, costs, forfeitures, and penalties.

Domestic Animals HB In the case of a dog that has bitten a person, the law creates an exemption when an investigating officer finds that the injury is minor. Cats and dogs; lifetime licenses. The law authorizes the governing body of a county or city to provide for a lifetime dog or cat license. Voter registration drives; compensation prohibition. The law prohibits any individual or group conducting a voter registration drive from compensating its volunteers or employees on the basis of the number of completed voter registration applications the volunteer or employee collects.

Absentee voting; eligibility of persons granted protective order. The law entitles a person to vote absentee if the person has been granted a protective order issued by or under the authority of any court of competent jurisdiction. Candidate withdrawal; notice of withdrawal; information to voters. The law provides that a candidate who has qualified to have his name printed on the ballot for an election is not deemed to have withdrawn from such election until he has submitted a signed written notice declaring his intent to withdraw and that notice has been received by the general registrar. The law directs DEQ to identify the owner of any combined sewer overflow outfall that discharges into the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and to determine what actions by the owner, if it is not under a state order, are necessary to bring such an outfall into compliance with Virginia law, the federal Clean Water Act, and the Presumption Approach described in the CSO Control Policy of the U.

Application for a concealed handgun permit; photo identification. The law requires applicants for a concealed handgun permit to present one valid form of government-issued photo identification issued by a governmental agency of the Commonwealth or by the U. Department of Defense or U. The law removes the requirement that the application be made under oath before a notary. Virginia Freedom of Information Act; public access to library records of minors. The law excludes from mandatory disclosure library records that can be used to identify any library patron under the age of 18 years. Virginia Freedom of Information Act; completed unattended death investigations; mandatory disclosure.

The law requires that records of completed unattended death investigations be released to the parent or spouse of the decedent or, if there is no living parent or spouse, to the most immediate family member of the decedent, provided that the person is not a person of interest or a suspect. Virginia Fair Housing Law; rights and responsibilities with respect to the use of an assistance animal in a dwelling. Address confidentiality program; victims of sexual violence and human trafficking. The law expands the types of crimes victims of which are eligible to apply for the address confidentiality program to include sexual violence. Board for Contractors; optional bonding for Class A and B contractors.

The law allows applicants for Class A and Class B contractor licenses to demonstrate financial responsibility by posting a surety bond for both initial application for licensure and subsequent renewals in lieu of providing a financial statement. Digital certification of government records. The law provides for the Secretary of the Commonwealth, in cooperation with the Virginia Information Technologies Agency, to develop standards for the use of digital signatures by government agencies on electronic records generated by such agencies.

Board of Health to adopt regulations to include neonatal abstinence syndrome on the list of reportable diseases. The law requires the Board of Health to adopt regulations to include neonatal abstinence syndrome on the list of diseases that shall be required to be reported. Advance directives; mental health treatment; capacity determinations. The man wanted cash. And when you do meet, make it a public place. Inshe was sitting at her computer when a stranger popped up on Yahoo Messenger. He said he was an English businessman living in Phoenix but working in Nigeria. Could she front him the money? When Barb said no, he called her on the phone. She asked why he seemed to have a Nigerian accent, not an English one.

In the years since then, scammers have gotten more sophisticated. They work in teams, perfecting their online patter, responding to cues they glean from would-be victims, love-bombing them in a manner that approaches brainwashing. But, she said, scammers can take advantage of victims in different ways. How will you explain to police why a flat-screen TV paid for with a stolen credit card was sent to your house?

NTB (National Tire & Battery)

Some scammers actually woodbridg money and ask their victim to set up a bank account with it. The person who opened the bank account is the one left holding the bag. Barb said scammers then threaten to release the video to friends and family of the victim unless blackmail money is sent.

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