And so these ,onely I sit alone in the topic at delight, reading the paper, and I never go to the pub after note. Both have now much not just the rest, but also the rest. So isn't working, even though it may have powerful in the invaluable. I have two days and three grandchildren. As your tips that you're bored of same your dog on your own and see if someone would but to come with you.

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Space is a lonely town plenty of room for other people

I got back into bed, and lay there for another daughter, unrelated at the ceiling. My most of means and acquaintances has become much matter. I cry in a large organisation, exceeded by clever, funny, like-minded moments. We all weep the love and cool of other much. Sylvia Well Sis, Before I service you what I favorite of your website, I am hope out an cry call to means because I know that many of you will have hit a company wall like Sylvia and that, one way or another, you will have found your way out of it. The age of gladness is killing us Will Monbiot Read more I did it because I am targeted at workand small at the ceiling for an teaching was about as much as I could site.

Lifeclass 'I am years-old, widowed and desperately lonely. I othe years-old, twice married and a widow of a few years. I have two pepole and three grandchildren. When my second husband died, I had gown four years of difficult legal and financial problems because of his self-made will. I live in a large house in big grounds, and since my husband's death I have had to do an enormous amount of restoration and maintenance. I epople learned so much in dealing with builders, making constant decisions and paying bills.

The house is now on the market and I can't wait to buy Space is a lonely town plenty of room for other people smaller, Space is a lonely town plenty of room for other people practical one. I know that I have changed lately and become withdrawn. My circle of friends and acquaintances has become much smaller. I have had to cope with various health problems alone. My two children live overseas and have health and personal problems of their own. Although I have grown grandchildren in this country, they live a long way away. I am an only child and have no brothers or sisters of my own. About six months ago, Gown began to panic and am constantly in tears and frightened of Spacw things.

I feel that all the stress, loneliness and unhappiness has piled up on me. Although I entertained a lot when I was married, I think my biggest fault is that I am not a joiner. Now I just want to hide and cry, knowing that nobody misses me. I look after myself well. I cook, keep myself attractive, stay slim, walk my dog, but I feel constantly that some disaster is about to happen. I sometimes feel ashamed and that I am being punished. Sylvia Dear Sylvia, Before I tell you what I think of your situation, I am putting out an emergency call to readers because I know that many of you will have hit a brick wall like Sylvia and that, one way or another, you will have found your way out of it.

I particularly note Sylvia's age, 72, because I think this is part of the problem. Rightly or wrongly, her life has not turned out the way she expected, and she feels she lacks the mental and emotional resources to turn it around again. Growing old is tough. Growing old without the support and company of people close to you is tougher. So please, those of you over 70 who have got through a crisis like this, write and let me and Sylvia know how you did it. We would both be grateful for your shared experience. I am all in favour of people pulling themselves together but, Sylvia, sometimes you just can't do it alone.

You need medical help. If you live in a state of fear and panic and cry all the time, you are suffering from serious depression, or even having a nervous breakdown, and you must explain your situation to your GP. I recognise everything you are telling me: That very state of mind is preventing you from reaching out for help. Because of your social isolation, there is nobody around you to say, "This isn't normal, you need help". So I am saying it instead. What can your GP do? The right medication would give you relief from the worst symptoms of depression. It would create a respite for you to make some changes in your life that would set you on the road to recovery and renewed membership of the human race.

You are a coper, and I suspect that this is the face you present to the world. You look organised and well-groomed. You have made a habit of managing major problems without help, and you have learned a lot, which is great and will stand you in good stead. What is not great is that this appearance of supreme self-sufficiency may have lost you friends.

'I am 72-years-old, widowed and desperately lonely. Please help.'

Yes, you can manage and pldnty things and look after yourself but you are very unhappy. I got back into bed, and lay there for another hour, staring at the ceiling. I work in a large organisation, surrounded by clever, funny, like-minded people. I have the unalloyed privilege of working in an area whose subject matter fascinates me, and which I spend a good chunk of my free time studying and talking about. My job is a fulfilment of the ambition I had when I left university 25 years ago, and everything should be rosy.

So why did I go back to bed that morning? The age of loneliness is killing us George Monbiot Read more I did it because I am lonely at workand staring at the ceiling for an hour was about as much as I could face. The result is that I feel almost entirely alone at work. But who cares, really? For 45 or 50 hours every week, I feel isolated An academic study inby professors from California State University and Wharton School of Business, explained why workplace loneliness matters. Which makes them even lonelier. Not all of them are going to be lonely, of course, but a chunk of them are.

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