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Only generate reports for taint issues blaming Decursive when Decursive is not embedding libraries. Decursive will no longer unexpectdd a debug report if its alert sound takes too long to play strange issue happening to some users, probably hardware related. Fix a "script ran too long" uodating that could happen if another add-on generated updatijg Lua exception for the first time during combat. Usually this happens because Decursive embeds LibDBIcon which is Unepected used by other add-ons to display their settings and thus triggering the months old massive Bouncing tits jeans issue Blizzard did not fix.

Decursive won't display its nagging message about other buggy add-ons when occurred error throttle ahs is triggered by the aforementioned issue usually when you open and close your UI option panel for the first flies while you unexpectted in combat Changes from Reqiured 2. I've made a useless? Renamed the 'Stop casting' check box in the customs spells' options to 'Pet ability' as it's what it really is. This allows the user to configure spells that will only take over when a default ability is not available default abilities having a priority between 0 and Minors fixes and optimizations. Removed the 'Flame Shock' warning as 'Lava Flows' is gone.

Implemented a workaround for range detection until Blizzard fixes the API. Brazilian Portuguese still needs a lot of work, if you want to help: Decursive now prints an educational message in the chat and disables its internal error handler once a thousand Lua errors have been intercepted. Applicable when BugGrabber is not present Changes from Decursive 2. Added support for ptBR localization, you can contribute using the Changes from Decursive 2. Some MUFs settings were not applied when switching between profiles. Shadow Priests were incorrectly told they could remove magic afflictions off other players.

This change happened in WoW 4. Compatible with future WoW 4. Custom spells management interface 'Custom Spells' in the option panel. Add any spell you want to be used on specific affliction types with different priorities. Edit MUFs' internal macros associated to each of those spells internal macros work the same way as other macros. Options names and descriptions related to afflictions priorities have been revamped to be more coherent and better reflect the way Decursive works. Thanks to Nerdling for his input and many suggestions As a result many options have been renamed and descriptions changed or created.

If you want to help to localize those changes in your own language, you can do it using the Localization interface available on WoWAce. It was no longer possible to resize the live-list or change its opacity. Various small fixes and improvements. Important fix to charm detection, previously Decursive only reported affliction related charm effects.

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Decursive is now able to report charmed players even when they have no active debuffs any player becoming attackable is considered as charmed. This fixes Cho'Gall's Worshipping buff detection issue ticket Many thanks to Wcshadow for his help in fixing this! If a unit was invisible and afflicted, Decursive Finn and porter speed dating only show the stealth status. Talent "Body And Soul" detection for priests was no longer detected since it was moved to tier 5 a few months ago Enhancements to talents detection and initialization. Added links in main description to videos found on Youtube. The "Decursive" bar is now hidden by default since it's quite useless once you have chosen its position MUFs' chronometers timer mode are now based on the actual duration of the affliction instead of its discovery time.

Added visible hint on how to move the Micro-Unit-Frames in the related option panel. Major option tree cleanup and optimization reduced static memory usage by 14 Kibas a result, some options have moved and other have reset to their default values. MUFs' positioning system had to be rewrote to implement the vertical display option, as a result MUFs will be reset to their default position upon installation of this version. Various code optimizations and cleanup. Decursive's users who are located in a region where Daylight Saving Time DST is still active could trigger the new version alert for other users using the same version of Decursive.

Pet's Micro-Unit Frames are now smaller. A 'new-version' detection mechanism has been implemented. Users will receive an alert every seven days at login once a new version has been detected. This alert can be disabled through the new option "New version alerts" available in the General option tab. Slightly changed the MUFs' default colors and chronometers' font to make things clearer. Reduced Decursive's static memory footprint by Kb. Multiple enhancements to the About dialog when using the "Check other players" feature. Text and description change concerning MUFs' window's auto-hide option to avoid confusion.

Updated documentation with in-line links to various screen-shots of Decursive's UI. Added A new section in Decursive's main page: At this point you should have a folder named something like concrete5. The update should be listed, and you can click through to update to the latest version.

In both cases, an update. Replacing the original concrete Directory Version 8 and above If you want to minimize disk space usage and don't need to use the web interface for update Concrete5, you can replace the original concrete directory with a new version, and then upgrade through a particular route. Replace these items in the web root with the ones you downloaded: Upgrading via the command line Version 8 and above The version 8 upgrade in particular is a large one. It makes a lot of transformations to the concrete5 database, and sometimes these can take awhile. If you find that the concrete5 upgrade times out in your browser, or has some kind of error, you can try upgrading via the command line: Replace the concrete directory in the web root with the concrete directory you downloaded.

From within your web directory, run the command: The migrations that are applied should be printed out to the console, along with any upgrade notices about what the specific upgrade is doing. Replacing the original concrete Directory 5. Login as the super user or someone in the Administrators group. You must do this because upgrading a Concrete5 site requires that the user attempting to do so have access to the "Upgrade Concrete5" permission.

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