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Dating cougars and panthers

WE have sis of slang pantherd treated cool social catetories. So, see, we're most all about as and might and not horrifying stupid tips here in this web of The Well. Let us as at some of the expectations between try and having women. This one's just not funner for me.

Younger women lecturing older women on these sorts of issues is far more annoying then Datibg reverse. Pannthers I'm sure ;anthers both know how annoying said reverse is. I'm struggling to deal with the sadness that you like Ellen more than me, when everyone knows Ellen and I are equally engaging and funny, but I will take the time to answer this question anyway. It's a fair point, but the background of this article came out of discussions among several of the ladies of Style, whose ages range from 20s to 50s. We were all on the same page; it's just us who got the byline.

Meanwhile, I like Monica better than me. So, see, we're really all about love and equality and not using stupid names here in this corner of The Post.

I've heard it used to describe a predatory woman cougafs has aged out of the cougar bracket. As in, a panther is a randy or something. Believe me, this pantuers exists, but Dating cougars and panthers name doesn't make sense to me. Although flamingos aren't, by nature, predatory. I think we need a moratorium on this entire sexual classification process. Is there an after Panther? I am SO happy someone else is in agreement that cougar is a derogatory term when not used to speak of the cat. I remember when Dole was running for POTUS and he kept talking about "soccer moms" and even though at the time I wasn't a mother, I thought that every mother everywhere should unite against such stupid terminology.

Why do women tolerate such inane terms? Why would anyone think it's laughable? Both of these ways to describe women strike me as subtle or not so ways to put down women. Ugh, soccer mom is horrendous. If I had kids, I might forbid them from playing soccer just to avoid it. Hockey moms got their due this year, too, though. Pretty soon all our imaginary kids will have to stay in the house all day so we can avoid wonky classification. My high school teams were called the Fighting Cougars. So I have legitimately been a cougar. Except at age 49 3 months shy of !

Please, Don't Call Yourself a 'Cougar'

I cannot imagine referring to myself as a cougar. Unless doing so would come with an appropriate costume. You made your point without sounding preachy or out of touch. Why would someone want to be a cougar? Oh, sure, score with whomever you want, I don't have a problem with that. But, I first Dating cougars and panthers of the term via the Don and Mike show and part of it was the idea of some leathery, old "broad," desperate to score. Not exactly an idea to embrace. And "broad" I like, actually. If it was good enough for Kate Hepburn If Kate Hepburn rose from the grave and said she wanted to be called a C, I would start calling myself one.

I guess I see it as a cougar, only the other way around, but the 'momma' connotation is there. It was always frustrating for boys to see their female classmates dating the upperclassmen--until those guys became upperclassmen and the cycle began anew. Older Dating cougars and panthers dating younger women and taking "trophy wives" -- trading in the year-old Finds local sluts for sex in dagenham for two year-olds -- I believe it was called. How does this all fit? It's a tangled web. I was just saying to my husband who incidentally is much older than I. I am 50, husband is 72, we've been very happily married 25 years the other day that this term is incredibly sexist.

It implies women with a sex drive are unusual and predatory. People should be able to date people they find attractive, whatever the age yes, yes, assuming it is legal. Personally, men under 30 seem extremely immature to me, and many in their 30s do, too, but if this is just about sex, then hell, yes, why not? Women are vital, sexual beings all their lives, so let's stop making it sound soo tee-hee and titillating when a woman acts in a normal way. Sorry, it just really bothers me. But part of this is the crazy implication about the men involved in these relationships. Many men in their 20's, and 30's are extremely mature.

Mature enough to, say, make a voluntary decision to sleep with an older woman. Not, you know, get scared into it by her sharp claws and such. Yes, that is what is making me so sick. All these Gen-Xers laughing at women over Young women get grossed out by older women, making jokes about "mom jeans," etc. It's agism with a bit of competition thrown in. You'll all be old mom-jeans wearing cougars some day and then it won't be so funny after all. Not the point of our article at all. I'm surprised that's how you're reading it. All I'm envisioning are mustaches. Mustaches, far as the eye can see. As a woman in her mid-thirties who is just getting back onto the dating market I especially hate the c-word because I don't even like younger men.

They look to me like But C has gotten to be the standard term for a woman older than 30 who's looking for action. It can't be banished soon enough as far as I'm concerned. We've noticed that even women dating men of similar ages get branded with the C label. Amy Argetsinger relates an anecdote of a male friend of hers calling Dara Torres a C Just because she is hot. With no knowledge of her dating history. And a hardware term. Can we also put to rest the myth that men get more attractive as they age, while women get less so?

As far as I can tell, there's absolutely no difference. For every Cary Grant or Robert Redford out there, there are 50 Val Kilmers -- totally hot when they were 25, but big puffy messes thirty years later. I believe Jessica Lange's appearance at the Emmy Awards buried that myth for good. We would stop sex kitten if we could mostly, we're offended on behalf of underage cats everywherebut that term might be too deep in the lexicon to reverse. We still have some hope for the demise of C Jaguar was in there somewhere, then Tiger, Leopard, and Snow Leopard. Panther is also confusing because it was used by the Black Panthers, and then by the Grey Panthers senior citizen activists.

So we may be heading toward bobcats, or maybe cheetahs. Anyway, you're right that the whole thing is just tired at best and derogatory at worst. The idea being that we're predatory, and young men are just innocent little critters waiting to be slaughtered -- it doesn't reflect well on anyone involved. Yeah, only it's easier and funner to say "cougar. WE have lots of slang for different socioeconomic social catetories. This is another one and not a big deal. Yeah, I don't know. This one's just not funner for me. I don't like the term cougar because it implies predation.

As someone who has aged into the "dirty old man" category and hates that, I hate the idea of being associated with preying on people which is what a cougar purportedly is doing as is a man who dates a much younger woman. For the record even though I'm over 40 now, I too get skeeved when I see a much younger woman with a much older guy. Having said all that, if Demi and Ashton are happy, if Nicholson and his young'un of the moment are happy and everyone is above the legal age of consent, then good for them. And no thanks to the pejorative labels.

As long as two people are happy together, what business is it of ours? You misunderstand me--it came up in the course of conversation in describing what someone else had said to me--I HAD to fill him in. I thought it was kind of charming he was clueless. Meant he didn't have an old lady fetish. Alright, alright, you get a pass. And now he can be armed with the knowledge and use it for good, not evil. I'm 49 and am often asked out by younger men, but never chase them. And this seems to be the experience of most of the single women my age. I've heard this a lot. So how 'bout we drop the term and just let these guys go after whoever they want without worrying that they're putting their potential dates up for some kind of ridicule.

I don't see what the fuss is about. I actually think that "cougar" is a great term. It makes me think of a powerful, graceful, lithe animal. Who wouldn't want to be that? I've been trying to come up with one, but haven't managed it. Yes, cougars are lovely. The term used in reference to a woman and her dating preferences? And I think the male term for drama queen is "drama queen. Recently overheard one-sided cellphone conversation of woman, apparently in her late 30's: I'm like a puma! Seriously, it's more trouble than its worth to figure out how to use it.

Knowing more about zoology would really help me assess the validity of these terms. A puma, in general, is a woman in her late 20s or 30s who dates younger men who are in their 20s. They are seen hanging out in the bars and clubs. They wear the most modern fashionable dress and love listening to the trendiest music. It is seen that puma women hunt in groups for a man of their choice, mostly younger ones, for the night. These puma women may also go with cougar women into the dark. Now to cougar women, they are women in their 40s and 50s. These cougar women are very interested in young men especially below 25 years of age.

Cougars are not committed to any single man, and they move from one to the other. Puma women are seen to be somewhat committed in their relationships until they are satisfied. Cougar women may even sleep with many men within the same group of friends.

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