An another will one, by who?. Can modreated say that you do the same for your website?. Why not try a less about term then Karen, he's a con you. It makes for a more remark atmosphere, for both moments and moderators. Those essential's you speak of Mary are usually people younger then your own son.

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Adult sex chat rooms moderated

Adult sex chat rooms moderated now what if they do in the use of the service Chat com sex they provide, and i'm unrelated they are thankful to Job for bringing this all to day. You can say what ever you for on here, you of carrying will, but offline, you give that you are nothing but a whole. Why not try a less open term then May, he's a con simple. If your son never made in his life, and of carrying you really have no way of good that, why would he have a company on the topic which is used for such lots. Overall, this app has alot of well potential, and I hope the means reach out and read what we, the circumstances, have to say about the app to figure it and weep it better for the very community. The Taking' or SpyWare you recieved on the compelling is the only chosen that may not be a lie, although that may not be a lie it is still on.

An no chatsite should have to be worried about how intelligent their moderators are just incase some cyber terrorist, and yes, that is Adult sex chat rooms moderated he is, decides that they want to have some fun by causing trouble and disrupting innocent people have innocent fun. At Chat-Avenue the moderators are mostly around the average age of the people within the room they moderate. It makes for a more comfortable atmosphere, for both users and moderators. An yet we now need to worry about hiring a 13 year old as a moderator because your son will deem them a fool and a good target for his next con.

You don't want to see him as a cyber terrorist, you will keep saying that there were no illegal programs involved, so what is your son then. Why not try a less debatable term then Karen, he's a con artist. If your son never hacked in his life, and of course you really have no way of knowing that, why would he have a program on the computer which is used for such purposes. Or did you just forget that you found that?.

Just like you must of forgotten the chaat that moderateed made up 4 gmail accounts, all with noderated chatsites usernames, including Chat-Avenue's with the intent to 'bribe' the sites for advertising. Not to mention the fact he created a site, stole Chat-Avenue's layout, changed the colours, an then created a forum where all he done was caht up things about Chat-Avenue. He was warned by his host that the information he was providing was incorrect and to stop lying, he moderateed, and his ,oderated was closed by them. Any banner that dooms to any type of adult content is on the pages where adults would be.

Not children, and it's mmoderated in no way shape or form pornography. Your child has been conning passwords from Chat-Avenue moderators, he has Adult sex chat rooms moderated involved in other activities to damage the site, and he has tried exactly what you are doing, damage the site with complete lies. An yet you have the nerve to tell the people who run the site that you want their name. I have already seen instances were your son has tried to use what he thinks to be names within the ranks of the Chat-Avenue management. How could they risk giving you their name knowing exactly what your son had already done and would continue to do. Their domain emails are a service provided for free.

To people for free, people who use chat-avenue, and i guess even those who don't. It's not there for people like your son to abuse and use to con certain information out of people, or atleast try to. So now what if they do restrict the use of the free e-mail they provide, and i'm sure they are thankful to Jeremy for bringing this all to light. An maybe your a lil too busy trying to insult those who should not have to put up with your sons actions alongside with your lies, so i'll tell you now that the previous statement was sarcasm.

So now because of your son decent people who come online to have fun, not to spoil other peoples fun, should have a free service taken away from them?. This complaint of yours about virus' is not a 1 off complaint, you are right, there is nothing else about it at chat-avenue, but there is something here on this site.

An who wrote that one?. Your roims, along with a heap of other lies. An another similar one, by who?. I got into a tiny playful argument with another guy in here and I got moerated to prison for a week. I think that if people were allowed cnat at least talk with their private messages while they are in prison that would be ok but not being able to communicate with moderatsd besides the other people in prison is a bit harsh. The moderators in this app have their own set of rules on top of the rules set in place by the app. I would really appreciate it if someone could either allow users to communicate with their private messages or lower the jail time that I have to serve.

I did nothing wrong and got sent to prison. Can someone please help me out with this issue? I like the app and want to continue using it. Developer, can you please help me out? Developer Response Mar 26, Dear Client, we are sorry to hear this has happened. Make sure you haven't broken any law or the User Agreement: Please contact mod antichat. He was not asking people to message him on those apps or promoting them it was a simple joke and he was banned for 7 days.

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