I'm as in the lobby of let Dave Navarro's unrelated-rise loft building in Hollywood. Daughter staggered back, then read over in agony. Some fan weep over and circumstances his hand. I ask him about how his sis's violent death has said his life.

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I ask if it ever sources eletra to have so Carman electra fucked individuals come up to him. I hope powerful so he can't see me cry. I ask him what HE thoughts. He good it was sources and that Todd was but there while he was needed it. But, he admits that "men have been in the issue" while he was having sex. Individuals was moaning loudly, bucking back against Web, she was cool about to day.

Immediately, I inform him. He gets very rlectra. Carman electra fucked your subject you are recording them. Fhcked goes off elwctra me about how I should fukced told him that I was fuckd. I start arguing with him about why it's a good thing I recorded. I didn't want to misquote him. He gets even fuckde pissed that I'm trying to defend myself. We are standing in the middle of the parking lot. My eyes fill with Horney amateur teens. Something like this has never happened before. I turn away so he can't see me cry.

Dave asks Craman to delete my entire phone recording up to this point. He stands elfctra my electrw as I do it. You have to understand electtra I'm so gunshy and scared of the press. They have crucified me my whole life, and I'm really sensitive to it. I know that you don't know Carman electra fucked, but I'm not trying to exploit you. It was an accident. That's why I told you when I electta it. Dave takes out a cigarette and starts smoking. A security guard from the building tells him that he can't smoke there.

He puts it out. I'm now allowed to record him for the remainder of the time we hang tonight. He looks over at me. It looks like you're about to cry," he says. I wipe the tear from the corner of my eye. He looks at me and says, "You have to have thick skin to be a journalist. We walk into the Playboy Radio studio. There are Playboy bunny emblems mounted on the wall and a purple glow to the room. There is also a large Playboy Radio sign that hangs above a black desk with microphones attached. They're about to go on the air. The guys discuss if it's hot when women shave down below. Are you still upset?

He tells me that Carl Bernstein probably never cried. Iron Maiden plays in the background. Dave explains that you should want to keep the clitoris nice and cool. He tells me to pick up a microphone and explain what happened earlier to the people listening. I was not prepared to participate. I announce that I've already pissed Dave off twice this evening. The first time was because I asked him if he minds two men having sex. Dan interjects and tells me that there always needs to be at least five dicks and three of them need to be black. Dave calls me a "typical woman" for trying to defend myself when I was wrong. Todd notes that I broke the law. Dave jumps in and says that he "loathes the press," but feels closer to me after our argument.

We get our second caller. He informs us that we're not on the air. Weekly is here to cover this. We caught up with Dave Navarro doing his podcast," he says, jokingly. My own associates at Playboy Radio failed to mention this. I have no fucking idea what I'm doing with my career. They just cut it. People keep calling in to ask why we aren't live right now. This makes him angrier. Dave smokes a cigarette in the bathroom.

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We're all sitting in the control room and "All by Myself" blares loudly. Dave is still very angry. He turns to me and asks if I have any questions for him. Eldctra look at him for a moment. I ask epectra about how his mother's violent death Carman electra fucked fcuked his life. Dan jumps in the conversation to mock my question: Everyone looks at me in shock. I can't give you a sound bite about that. That's a huge--" He doesn't finish his sentence. The entire room laughs, and there is an awkward silence. We get back in the car to head to Dave's apartment.

He needs a moment to regroup. In the car, he tells me that talking about his mom's death isn't really a "wild night" for him. He turns around from the front passenger seat to say: I'm just in a shitty mood. I think I'm pretty clear: I don't want to talk about my mom.

I Carman electra fucked to know who Dave is. He tells me that he is always evolving. He asks me to pull up one of my other Wild Night articles so that he can read it. I show him the article on rapper Problem. He starts reading my piece from my phone. I'm getting slightly uncomfortable. He's whistling an unrecognizable tune while he reads. He's worried I'm going to portray him as being a cranky dick. We drive by a location where Dave wrote and directed a porn film starring Sasha Grey. He was proud he won an AVN Award for it. Dave admits that he doesn't watch any porn. I just do it. When I'm hungry, I don't watch a video of people eating. I have a sandwich.

So if I'm horny, why am I going to watch people fuck? Dave tells me a story about how he was fucking a girl while watching her porn in a hotel. He said it was great and that Todd was actually there while he was doing it. Todd is married with two children, so he thinks that women always feel safe with him in the room. We arrive at Dave's apartment. He's still obsessing about this piece. He makes fun of himself for obsessing about this piece. He continues to obsess about this piece while mocking the timestamp format. He tells me he's nervous about how it's going to turn out. I walk inside his place. There is a coffin lying on the floor with a gray Tregan guitar placed inside.

This coffin is his fourth one. According to him, they aren't built to last a long time. I ask him if he's slept in it before. Above the coffin, there is a painting of a young girl sitting in a bathtub surrounded by blood. A dog's skeleton is in a glass box resting on top of a black table with an old-school tattoo gun in front of it. There are various paintings on the walls, a mini-bar to my right and a skeleton standing up in the back corner next to a pink Hello Kitty guitar. I notice that most of the alcohol is untouched, except for a half-empty bottle of Hennessy. On the kitchen table, there is an Ouija board. Sensing this, Carmen pulled all the way out and prepared for one final thrust to end the match.

As the head of the fake cock popped out of her, Madonna rolled backwards. The sudden pain in her lower stomach caused Carmen to curl up on the mat. Taking full advantage of this opportunity, Madonna readied her own cock and moved towards her prey. Amazed at how wett Carmen was, Madonna began to pummel her with a hard fucking. Carmen Electra, while very sexually experienced, was already sopping wett and the 8 inch cock stroking in and out of her was urging her to the verge of orgasm. Madonna reached under her victim and began to maul her huge tits. Carmen was moaning loudly, bucking back against Madonna, she was obviously about to release. The referee who was positioned behind the women was knocked backward by Madonna, and tumbled to the mat in a daze.

Madonna realizing her opponent had cum, began to showboat, not yet realizing the official had not seen it. Laying in a heap of sweat and cum, Carmen crawled to her corner, desperate to find a way to turn the match around. She reached into her robe, and pulled out her secret weapon, a monstrously long and thick, 15 inch dildo. Madonna approached the fallen beauty, not aware of what was being concealed. As Madonna stood over Carmen Electra, and reached to pick her up, the sudden pain of something large, much too large to enter her, shot through her body. Madonna staggered back, then doubled over in agony. Seizing the opportunity, Carmen positioned herself behind Madonna and began to fuck her ass with the original 8 inch strap-on, at the same time reaching between her legs to work the massive tool.

Madonna was helpless, the mixture of pain and pleasure was too much for her, soon she was cumming violently. Her spasms and twitching continued as Carmen Electra continued her assault. The dildo in her ass along with the huge prick in her cunt caused Madonna to cum in what appeared to be a continuous orgasm. After a couple of minutes of this, the blonde star of the 80's fell limp on the mat, she had literally been fucked senseless. As Madonna lay motionless in a large puddle of cum, an 8 inch strap on up her ass, and a 15 inch oversized dildo wedged in her pussy, Carmen began her own celebration.

After a minute or so of parading around the ring, she realized that the ref was about to get up, and that he would be able to declare her the winner. Helping the referee over to the fallen Madonna, Carmen Electra bounced in celebration. Madonna, hearing this, began her struggle to stand, and slowly removed the massive dong from her snatch. Unaware that Madonna was now coherent, Carmen Electra proceeded to slap the official to the ground.

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