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They both knew in the back of their minds that they were about to play a game of baby roulette, but neither of them cared in that moment. The only thing that mattered was that they feel good and enjoy the moment. Life is short — grab opportunity when you find it. Carpe diem, and so forth. The trouble is that Angie had been living in the moment quite a lot lately and had played the game with several guys on her street several times this summer.


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Mike was just about to blow all of his cum up inside her, and that would seal Cummed inside gifs fate, destroying her perfect, cute body and stealing her life, which would change from carefree to full of responsibilities and hard work. Deep down, Angie knew that she would eventually be a teen mom, although she was never conscious of it. She was doing what was right, what was fun, and what nature told her to do, which was what men liked. She was completing the circle of destiny. Mike was, too, although his choice was less important. Men always deserved to play the game without worry about the consequences.

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