It's one delight for Anoop, who had a powerful week, to say he enjoys he could win it all. Her number was medium. Has like it was managed by the gopher in Caddyshack. How in the very did she even viewing it to Hollywood?.

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Megan corkrey hot

Megan corkrey hot her in the rest setting light simple she could all. She will have to go next March 26, at I delight with the tips who said her gladness looks just a good—if only that were the topic for such awful might. Sure she's got a new little dance she issues and her out isn't "mainstream," but she has a good voice. But the last few issues have been bad.

Once song from her is tolerable, two is a strain, three is painful! Begone Megan March 26, at Megaj Megan has hhot beautiful voice, and a totally different vocal style than any of the other contestants. We can't vote Megxn American Cofkrey here in Canada, but I still forkrey to Megan corkrey hot on my favourites. Keep on singing Megan corkrey hot March 26, at 7: Simon appears to have a huge crush on Megaan. Really corkkrey her voice and think Kevin hart dating emiko will have many opportunites; either modeling or recording contract but obviously is not in the same league as Adam, Danny, Lil or Matt.

March 26, at 6: As far as "a babe" sorry I beg to differ. And, because she "isn't the typical AI plastic top 40 type", she won't be the next American Idol, not close. At the very lesat, you need an AI that has cross-over talent i. I'll give you "Quirky". March 26, at 5: March 26, at 3: I saw it on the news. That is too cocky if you ask me. She's not well known enough to be like Madonna or Pink or Bjork and drop the last name. My comments were driven by the fact that is a babe,she is unique and ive spent my 20 year career playing Jazz. Some of the judges on the show actually know what they are doing I would give her a shot at a recording contract in a second March 26, at 1: Not only was her performance very bad with the flat notes and timing but, her stage antics are terrible for someone seeking to become a professional singer.

I understand that she has a young child but, this is not part of the equation that allows her to stay in the top nine after tonight. Family is excluded from talent. Only HER performance should be judged. The way she annunciates is really scary! There were worse performances, but his girl needs to go SOON! I'll give her that. And she can carry a tune. The soft up-do and feminine clothing just don't do the tatoo justice Oh wait, it's the other way around! She's just distracting in so many ways! Has a lot to learn about being an entertainer.

March 26, Megan corkrey hot Put her in the right setting light jazz she could Megan corkrey hot. At best Meagan corkrsy get a gig in a night club in uptown Seattle. Say bye bye March 26, at Second of all, I too wanted her to make it far. Corkrfy, the reality is that hog really can't sing. Just corkreg you have a hlt does not mean you can sing. She has a voice but, she does not know how to use it. She is constantly falling out of pitch and she fails to hi her notes all the time. You are out of your mind. It's not just her looks that have gotten here this far, she can really sing.

She did very well last week despite the flu, and did a very interesting version of Rockin Robin before that. There are many of us that want to see future performances on AI, and I'm sure she will not disappoint if given another chance. But the last few weeks have been bad. Last night she hit so many bad notes, it made me cringe — and I was trying hard to like it. I don't think it was poor song selection as much as it was just poor singing. There is no way her performance matched the standard set by some of the other contestants.

I think it's time for her to go. And yes, she did sound a little cocky at the end with Ryan, but when I'm the center of attention and nervous, I say silly things too. I think she may be in trouble tonight. There were several more deserving singers fit to make the final cut, and she never should have been here. I thought it was going to be Michael's turn to go this time, but she's done. She has moments of uniqueness in her voice tone, but she hit some horrible notes last night. Flue or no flue, she could not sing. As Randy says, "It just didn't do it for me. Rockin' Robin should have been proof enough, but her take on Stevie was just downright awful.

She should go home tonight. I think she is totally different and fun. I hope she stays! I can't believe she made it in the top That little twist she does just kills me. What the F is she thinking However, the judges have kept on telling her how 'Amy Winehouse, etc' she should be and so she Megan corkrey hot trying to be that, singing quirky little happy songs that make her look and sound awkward. She shouldn't mimic them who'd want to? I would love to hear Megan corkrey hot sing a soft, smooth ballad with some power vocals or a more rocker type song when the opportunity arises. The only reason she's in the competition is because Simon liked that she was cute and blonde.

There were some much better singers in the top Not at all versatile. She will have to go next March 26, at They are by far the best talent, singing, entertaining and creative. Therefore, let's keep Megan around for some eyecandy for the old dudes like me. She might not be a main-stream top 40 sound, but it does have a terrific quality. I'd like to hear her sing slower tempo songs by folks with equal vocal character, like: She did hit an note occasionally, the outfit was awful and let's not even approach the supposed "dance steps".

I think it could possibly be adios for Ms. They told her they would save her just sang, and she couldn't. She was about as about as megan last night. Adam,kris,matt,danny, and that red hiared girl that looks like a crack fiend. When someone unique comes a long they shun her. I will agree that Megan was terrible last night, but that was the only time I've thought that. Sure she's got a funny little dance she does and her voice isn't "mainstream," but she has a good voice. Maybe you should switch your radio dial to something other than top 40 or, GASP, turn off your radio and find music on your own.

That was more than a train wreck, The train jumped the tracks rolled down a hill and hit a bus full off cats. However, on the March 4 results show, Simon Cowell selected her as one of the 8 Wild Card contenders. She has stated in interviews that if she had stayed on American Idol for another week, she would have sung " Separate Lives " by Stephen Bishop and " Sally's Song " for "Songs from the Cinema" week. It was reported that Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks might possibly be interested in having Megan Joy play her part in an unnamed Fleetwood Mac biopic. In the article, Megan's voice was noted as being similar to Nicks'. It was suggested that Nicks would prefer Megan playing the part over Lindsay Lohanwho had expressed interest in the part.

Nicks had previously gone so far as to say "over my dead body," regarding the possibility of casting Lohan. Tourwhich ran from July 5,to September 15, She announced via Twitter on September 24,that she was in Los Angeles having some meetings and that she has started writing material for her debut album. Joy also appeared in a local commercial in DraperUtah for a clothing store called Castle Couture. Joy also announced via Twitter on October 1, that the name of her band that she has started would be called Joirider. She also stated that her album was due for a mid release, and that labels are interested in signing her.

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