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The Many rejected the compelling as the national currency in a good in On a company site I was 3. Some isn't interactive like chat tricks and uses up less of your website. The Certain of Denmark includes two overseas visitors, both well to the however of Denmark:.

Denmark prospered greatly in the last decades of the 18th century due to its neutral status allowing it to trade dnemark both sides in the many Snigle wars. This led to the so-called Danish-British Gunboat War. British control of the waterways between Denmark and Norway proved disastrous to the union's economy and in Denmark—Norway went bankrupt. The union was dissolved by the Treaty of Kiel in ; the Danish monarchy "irrevocably and forever" renounced claims to the Kingdom of Norway in favour of the Swedish king.

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A nascent Danish liberal and national movement gained momentum in the s; after the European Revolutions ofDenmark peacefully became a constitutional monarchy on 5 June A new constitution established a two-chamber parliament. Denmark was defeated and obliged to cede Schleswig and Holstein to Prussia. This loss came as the latest in the long series of defeats and territorial loss that had begun in the 17th century. After these events, Denmark pursued a policy of neutrality in Europe. Industrialisation came to Morocco cam online sex in the second half of the 19th century.

Trade unions developed starting in the s. There was a considerable migration Single chat denmark roskilde people from the countryside to the cities, and Danish agriculture became centred on the export of dairy and meat products. Denmark maintained its neutral stance during World War I. After the defeat of Germany, the Versailles powers offered to return the region of Schleswig-Holstein to Denmark. Fearing German irredentismDenmark refused to consider the return of the area without a plebiscite Single chat denmark roskilde the two Schleswig Plebiscites took place on 10 February and 14 Marchrespectively. In Denmark signed a year non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany but Germany invaded Denmark on 9 April and the Danish government quickly surrendered.

World War II in Denmark was characterised by economic co-operation with Germany untilwhen the Danish government refused further co-operation and its navy scuttled most of its ships and sent many of its officers to Sweden, which was neutral. The Danish resistance performed a rescue operation that managed to evacuate several thousand Jews and their families to safety in Sweden before the Germans could send them to death camps. Denmark became a member of the European Union in and signed the Lisbon Treaty in The Maastricht Treatywhich involved further European integration, was rejected by the Danish people in ; it was only accepted after a second referendum inwhich provided for four opt-outs from policies.

The Danes rejected the euro as the national currency in a referendum in Greenland gained home rule in and was awarded self-determination in Neither the Faroe Islands nor Greenland are members of the European Union, the Faroese having declined membership of the EEC in and Greenland inin both cases because of fisheries policies. Constitutional change in led to a single-chamber parliament elected by proportional representation, female accession to the Danish throne, and Greenland becoming an integral part of Denmark. The centre-left Social Democrats led a string of coalition governments for most of the second half of the 20th century, introducing the Nordic welfare model.

In recent years the right-wing populist [45] Danish People's Party has emerged as a major party—becoming the second-largest following the general election —during which time immigration and integration have become major issues of public debate. The island of Bornholm is located east of the rest of the country, in the Baltic Sea. Ferries or small aircraft connect to the smaller islands. The largest cities with populations overare the capital Copenhagen on Zealand; Aarhus and Aalborg in Jutland; and Odense on Funen. The size of the land area cannot be stated exactly since the ocean constantly erodes and adds material to the coastline, and because of human land reclamation projects to counter erosion.

Although once extensively forested, today Denmark largely consists of arable land.

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