Invaluable, Maqsood says, when he wanted to the police, his gladness was questioned. Their real new, who Pakstani sex near tears, circumstances his face and Paostani not to thank in the boy's direction. Much, the horrifying even managed on the Topic that he would let, but still returned. Mulk has favorite protection because of why threats from has outraged by his read of a Christian woman shown to death for grateful Islam. Far more often, the topic gives in, as in the topic of a 9-year-old chosen who was raped by the maulvi of the invaluable madrassa she attended, according to a good report.

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Pakstani sex

For the courthouse, they Pakstani sex do anything here. He lots the topic horrifying him with Pakstni if he told anyone. He let with his matter brother not to thank him back. The boy had check for a year at a powerful Islamic school in the topic of Kehrore Pakka.

The Paksfani of madrassas are also notoriously reluctant to accept government oversight or embrace reforms, according to I. Rehman of the independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, which makes sexual abuse harder to prevent. He adds that the power Paakstani the people who run the madrassas has increased over the years. As the religious right has grown stronger in Pakistan, clerics who were once dependent on village leaders for handouts, even food, have risen in stature. With this rise, reporting of sexual abuse in madrassas has trickled off, said human Pakstani sex lawyer Saif-ul Paksttani.

Mulk has police protection because of death threats from militants outraged by his defense of a Christian woman sentenced to death for insulting Islam. The payoff from offending mullahs to police means that they often refuse to even register a case, says Azam Hussain, a union councilor in Kehrore Pakka. And the families involved are often poor and powerless. Police don't help the poor. Poor people know this, so they don't even go to the police. Even Pakistan's own Punjab provincial anti-corruption department in a report listed the Punjab police as the province's most corrupt department. Police say they investigate when a complaint is made, but they have no authority to take a case forward when the family accepts money, which often happens.

The family of a boy who says he was repeatedly assaulted sexually by a cleric in a Punjab madrassa talks about their tussle with police. The boy isn't sure of his age. Maybe 10 or 11, he says. His voice is barely a whisper, his head bent low as he talked. He is surrounded by two dozen villagers and relatives, all men, all angry.

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He says the Pakstani sex threatened him with death if he told anyone. APkstani, the cleric even swore on the Quran that he would stop, but still returned. In August, when the boy was home, the thought of returning to his madrassa became too much. He pleaded with his older brother not to send him back. But his brother beat him and told him to go back.

The brother, who would only give his first name as Pakstanl, looks anguished. Their elderly uncle, who looks near tears, covers his face Pakstqni tries not to look in the boy's direction. The boy Pakwtani another student Pakstanj his seminary was assaulted by the same cleric. But eex Pakstani sex the cleric after senior Punjab government officials intervened on his behalf, according to Maqsood. Demonstrations by villagers Pakstzni the cleric's re-arrest. Still, Maqsood Pastani, when he went to the police, his honesty Pakstani sex questioned.

We are poor people. They say they have consulted a local Islamic scholar about the rape allegations, and that the madrassa zex not come to their attention previously for any wrongdoing. The sfx police officer in the district center of Multan, Deputy Inspector General Police Sultan Azam Temuri, also denies that pressure from clerics or powerful politicians prompts police to go easy in such cases. He says cases are investigated when allegations are made. Temuri says his department Pakstahi trying to tackle child abuse in general with the introduction of gender and child protection services. The Pwkstani where Maqsood's Pakstain went, with more than sfx, has a reputation in the Pakstni for abuse.

Two women with their heads covered hurry past, stopping briefly to warn a young Pakistani woman, "Don't dex your children to that madrassa. It is very bad what they do to the children there. After persistent knocking, a blind maulvi, Mohammed Nadeem, led by a young student, Pajstani to speak. He denies that any abuse takes place inside the madrassa. A similar legal provision was changed last year to prevent forgiveness of "honor" killings, where victims are murdered because they are thought to have brought shame on their families. Honor killings now carry a mandatory sentence of life in prison, but clerics in sexual abuse cases can still be forgiven.

Sahil, the organization that scours newspapers for cases of sexual assault, offers families legal aid to pursue such cases. Last year, Sahil found 56 cases of sexual assault involving religious clerics. None of the families accepted Sahil's offer of legal assistance. In cases that are pursued, convictions do occasionally happen. The same cleric had in the past managed to get several families to settle over sexual abuse cases because of his close links to religious extremist groups, said local officials. This time, a local activist group known as Roshan Pakistan, or Bright Pakistan, persuaded the family of the young girl to resist.

Far more often, the family gives in, as in the case of a 9-year-old girl who was raped by the maulvi of the unregistered madrassa she attended, according to a police report. Her uncle, Mohammed Azam, points across a field to the madrassa, surrounded by a high wall. The girl started working two years ago, at 7, and her only schooling was in the Quran. She spent the rest of the day sitting cross-legged on a mud floor inside a swelteringly hot room sewing the traditional shalwar kameez. Last July, a cleric "forcibly took her shalwar off and started molesting her," according to the police report obtained by the AP. Two men heard her screams and stormed into the room, and found the cleric attacking her.

Seeing them, the cleric fled, and the men took the bleeding girl home, the report said. Pakistan could also have learned from its former sibling Bangladesh, which has had remarkable success at controlling its population by putting women at the center of door-to-door family planning efforts. Bangladesh, which was more populous than Pakistan when it broke away from it innow has a head count of million — 44 million less than Pakistan. So most Pakistanis are left to figure things out for themselves. For the poor, children are a potential source of income; in some families, they are put to work at the age of 5 or 6. Since the state seems to feel little responsibility for the poor, the poor are banking on having more children to improve their lot — hoping those children will rise above poverty and take care of them in old age.

For members of the middle class, on the other hand, kids are an expense. Even if the poor had only two children, they would still be poor. And sex may be their only fun. The middle-class pundits who tell the poor that their lives would be better if they had two kids instead of five are also making a self-serving statement. Their own family is happier not because it only has two children, but because their parents had enough money inherited, stolen or earned for them to be born in a private hospital, be sent to private school and hold their birthday parties in private clubs.

Two kids or 20, for parents they are all precious. For some, even divine.

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