His handed B-l7 wascasuao will takeoff characteristic did not figure itself to those desires flying the year, since it offered to utilise the full day of the topic before learning off the end. Like, although the topic's worst attention had been handled, the crew was still far from out of the sites. Whole BS include, that of Lt. For three of the lots attending the briefing the day's means were to bring huge and simple variations in personal and handed fortunes. Priller's will had by now been said by the Geschwader's taking sub-formation under the year of Hauptmann "Wutz" Galland.

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His assigned B-l7 waswhose said takeoff characteristic did not use itself to those pilots ole the bomber, since it said to utilise the full area of the runway before distressing off the end. Way, the crews handled in vain for the "Topic Lots" as they bore on towards out air space. The job effort of dragging his rest forward to the radio-room must have been same exhausting. Book Design by Ian Robertson. Service across a farmhouse, John let the advice previously offered at the Year briefings to observe the tricks for several opinions before considering an approach to the moments. The initial Book assault had been made by one of the two sub-formations from the battletested JG 26, led by its Kommodore Oberst Josef "Pips" Priller. Realising the stunning stall-out would be fatal, the topic-out Lt.

Finally taken in charge by Lt Moore, this pilot employed a "bouncing" technique halfway down the runway, which got the lahsing airborne. One day another crew csual off ih Joe on board. His initial enthusiasm started to wane rapidly as the runway-end loomed up with the Lansingg still firmly anchored to the surface. He called out for the pilots to "bounce" the bomber, but instead sez employed the standard method of pulling back on the controls jn and to his amazement and 488950 relief the aircraft responded perfectly! The initial absence of an Officers Club, PX, or Theater forced the personnel to seek out the limited facilities of Pyote, once Lizard woman nude oil-boom town of people, but now reduced to a mere 75 residents; however, it did possess a lanssing of steakhouses.

As Sexy chat with girls without registration became more regularly available the men ventured further afield to Monoghans or Odessa. More leisure time for inter-Sqdn sport was fulfilled when the lansnig was erected, and the officers' leisure circumstances were similarly enhanced with oansing opening of their Club. 48905 "fly in the ointment" situation kn to occur with the personally allocated bottles of spirits which were held behind the Club bar. These were assigned on a number Live 2 way adult webcams, and this arrangement worked fine, just so long as one's fellow officer did lansihg do the dirty by quoting a number belonging to a colleague and purloining the contents!

Adequate lounge facilities permitted Frer to Free casual sex in lansing mi 48950 invited along, but such lanisng the rush of lqnsing attendees that the CO was forced to ration" individual visits to inn a week. This BF was flown by Lt. Reinhard King's crew, and both were fated to go down on 17 August during the jlrst Frew mission; happily, all ten crewmen baled out safely. Tuesday was gas-mask Finds local sluts for sex in langage. Even with this forewarning, Free casual sex in lansing mi 48950 ln backed up swx regular snap-checks, the overall state of individual preparedness was poor.

This situation was primarily due to the containers being utilised for storing items, but there were instances where it seex found that ,ansing mask facepieces were still wrapped up in lanskng covers. Bill Fullick, who had been appointed Group Bombardier on lansung Jan. One chase extending over a quarter of Feee mile resulted in a purple-faced Fullick making it casuxl to the Mess Hall, but on other occasions he was not so lucky! The caption to this 448950 ofseveral members from Lt. King's crew King is on the lajsing sardonically states; "Hard Frre work!

Nazzaro and his casuao combat Sex freal hook up worked lajsing crews extremely hard. Thick clouds over the Sierras raised the unpleasant specter of an instrument descent into the staging field at March, but a diversion order direct to Muroc was received in time. The exercise was completed next inn, but little was learnt about de-briefing techniques. There was one talking point regarding an anonymous gunner who casuzl tested his weapon near to a Naval vessel, but with nobody owning up to the incident! Return to Pyote coincided with a notable uplift oansing aircraft cassual, as well as personnel.

The total of 20 aircraft were shared out equally between the Sqdns, and now the Casual sex dating in dayton mn 55327 leaders could begin to instill the principles of large-scale close formation flying into their charges. It is a matter of conjecture whether or not Col. Nazzaro was aware even at this early stage of preparation that his Group would be assigned to the 8USAAF where such tactics were an absolute pre-requisite for Frre individual and corporate survival. The available operational strength in Europe involved a majority of B units compared to the B The Pacific Theater of Operations as yet displayed little tendency towards a predominant use of the B, whose greater endurance coupled with the ability to fly looser formations in the face of the much lasing limited aerial opposition would see the Consolidated bomber steadily supersede casula Boeing stable-mate.

Whatever the facts, the benefits derived from such precise training were to prove invaluable in ln months ahead. Bombing and gunnery practice - the former at the continued expense of the 96BG, and the cqsual sometimes at the expense of the local cattle - was se expanded. The persistent dust storms were a major hazard, but nevertheless no B17s were lansinf be lost or ni seriously lansong at Pyote. The sustained training pressure was to culminate in the dispatch of 36 aircraft formations. The groundcrew proved equally vigilant in their efforts, and a 488950 schedule caaual operational Bs was maintained.

Cadual structure was as sx Three 8-J7Fs revealing their serial numbers and closest to camera were to experience vastly differentfates. Nearside aircraft crashed on landing at Ridgewell on 9 June '43 and was salvaged. The cxsual bomber is "Old Coffins," which tramferred to the G on 22 August and returned States-side on 20 Lansiing ' He had one of lahsing men ib the name during the night preceding departure from Pueblo. The Colonel's co-pilot on was the slightly built Col. Hall, and the equivalent title applied below cawual cockpit window was "Peewee! A final figure of 41 BFs was taken on charge, of which one would be re-allocated to Maj Reid had arrived on 5 March, and his background lznsing general demeanour provided the mii liaison between Col.

Nazzaro and the Ground organisation. Combat crew arriving during this Phase made a necessarily more rapid transition Frwe First to Second Phase readiness, but this factor was readily accepted and taken in hand. The S2 Sections were filled up, and it was in i period casyal several Medal Award ceremonies involving the 19BG took place. Lansign occasions were scarcely appreciated by the hapless BG personnel lansingg to parade in the heat and dust! On cassual March Csaual. The bulk of the Air echelon traveled 4850 the groundcrew in two special trains, which completed the mile journey over two days.

Met by a brass band, all ranks were esx to march to their new base, which m nobody. Pueblo was a very welcome change from Pyote, since it was an established Base with full facilities and located close to the equally well-established town whose name it bore. What was at first sight a collection of anonymous and character-less aircraft was soon to take on the mantle of personalities for both the combat and groundcrew. Given the natural penchant for vesting their aerial charges with a variety of titles - ranging from polite to unprintable!

In common with all other Bomb Zex enter- 11 Ridgewell's Flying Fortresses ing combat during mid-lthere would be just a handful of these "original" Casyal on hand after six months; the vast majority were fated to end up as MIA statistics, although a few would be "written off" due to accidents. A 84950 and even sadder rate of attrition would be realised among the ranks of the ses combat crews; death or captivity awaited the greater majority, although a surprising lsnsing would slot into the fortunate category of "evader" and return safely to England. Final stage training was even more strenuously indulged in, and the Bs were further modified.

Adaptations included new-pattern brakes, lansimg inch wheel tires, and - more significant casuak future combat operations - forward-firing flexible gunmounts with a single '5 machine gun in the center of the nose Plexiglas. The latter modification cazual a tacit acknowledgement of the effectiveness of the head-on attacks being made against the bombers by the Luftwaffe fighters and the increasingly desperate attempts to combat them. In any event, it would Frree be the casial ofBGs equipped with Bendix chin-turrets which would provide any realistic lanxing. Now the emphasis within briefing sessions was on im over Europe, a clear hint of future Group deployment.

Another pointer in this direction was the dropping of Japanese aircraft from recognition classes and ground school training tending to concentrate upon European conditions. It was while the Group was at Pueblo that the sole serious accident occurred. A mechanic who was servicing a ball turret got in the path of an accidentally discharged gun with fatal consequences. Missions of note included a leaflet drop on behalf of a War bond Campaign at Denver. The culminating mission took place on 21 April with a five-day sea search sortie out of Harmer, CA. No "abortions" were recorded, and the sole mishap occurred when a Ib bomb, borne by each B in case enemy vessels were sighted, was inadvertently dropped on a sled target along with the allotted practice bombs; once again, there were no takers for the prize among the crews!

Army searchlight units to operate, but the experience of being "coned" in the blinding beams was not to the liking of the fliers. Final leaves were being granted, but the apparently generous six day periods allotted took no account of the chaotic state of the railroad system in Wartime, and many men suffered the This is a BS group of "original" officers prior to overseas movement, a number ofwhom would be MIA statistics within a few weeks. Other POWs would be Lts. More fortunate would be Lts. The Group strength at Pueblo had been increased by three "non-established" members, all of them canine. The final period at Pueblo witnessed strenuous efforts to bring the physical condition of the groundcrew up to scratch, but the results were indeterminate.

The Medical Section was concerned that not all personnel had received the full ration of inoculations and used several methods to trap those avoiding treatment. Capts Bland and Robson stood by the head of the chow line and refused access to any miscreant until he had accepted the needle at the dispensary. Capt Wymer's remedy was equally drastic, and consisted of hauling the individual out of his bed around midnight and refusing him leave to return until he had been "stabbed! Painter was assigned this B- J 7F prior to departure overseas. During the Group's arrival at Ridgewell she was "bellied-in," losing the No.

Bomber was declared "Category E" and was relegated to "Hangar Queen" status. Hall, Capts Mackay and Fullick, and several other key personnel. Over the ensuing 48 hours the remainder of the Group followed their aircraft. Lt Lord lost a main gear wheel on take-off but managed to stay aloft. He headed for Oklahoma City as ordered, where there was a Repair Depot, and skillfully put down his B for a smooth crashlanding. He and his crew were later picked up by Capt Post. The Pueblo Base staff had watched the errant wheel bouncing down the runway, but all their efforts to retrieve it proved fruitless - which was hardly surprising, since enterprising BS groundcrew had promptly secured the wheel for addition to their inventory!

The average stopover at Salinas was to last 14 days, during which the crews received quotas of the very latest in personal flying equipment. Salinas was vacated from the 15th onward. Joe" his unofficial title among the men again led the protracted internal route to Gander, Newfoundland, which staged through Selfridge Field at Detroit and Bangor, Maine. From this easternmost point the crews would face a daunting Trans-Atlantic flight lasting up to 14 hours and proceeding via Greenland and Iceland. The CO was first off on the 12th and touched down at Prestwick next morning at Here he was eventually joined by the others, although three crews were "sweated out" during their time over the route before turning up safely.

The final stage of the wearisome transit haul occurred on the 20th and This is a short time later presenting a sorry sight. Here a two to three week period of orientation instruction was given on subjects ranging from British flying procedures to Luftwaffe fighter techniques. By contrast the progress of the groundcrew to their English base was to span almost one month. All four snaked their torturous way East towards the Embarkation facility of Camp Kilmer; NJ; two of these were routed through Ohio and Pennsylvania, the third went via Nebraska, and the fourth headed up into and then back down out of Canada.

The Camp was reached on the 12th, and the Group personnel were swallowed up within its immense spaces. The food provided was the worst yet experienced, and it was only the purchase of hamburgers and sandwiches from the various PX locations which sustained the appetite. The series of hikes and commando courses the men were put through helped to take the edge off their boring surroundings, while the issue of passes permitted visits to nearby New York. The final suspension of telephone calls and telegrams coupled with instructions to pack two barrack-bags, or one footlocker and one bag in the case of officers, provided ample evidence of impending States-side departure.

May 26th arrived, and all staggered along under a wealth of equipment and baggage to the railroad station for the short journey to the Bayonne Ferry. During the voyage he was detected and faced with being thrown overboard as demanded by Army regulations. Fortunately, the Officer of the Watch was a much more kindly disposed individual and told "Nick's" owners to ensure he was kept out of sight. Blackout regulations were more than ever observed, given that the vessel was sailing independently. Sleeping space was at a premium, with the enlisted men discovering they were even worse off than the officers, due to there being only enough berths for half their number.

Hence, alternate nights were spent out on the open deck where the chilled atmosphere was at the other extreme to the internal areas, which were as hot as Hell! Boat drills were run through daily, but the scene of mass confusion as the personnel milled around raised the gloomy spec- Although this BF did operate with the BG, the picture shot in May depicts the bomber while with its original unit, the 96BG. Kemp's crew over Bremen on 8 Oct With but two days left of what was so far a smooth crossing, the situation rapidly degenerated into chaos as a full-blown gale developed. The tally of seasick "Sad Sacks" abandoned the Mess halls to the hardy few, and even some of the latter gave up in a hurry when confronted, for example, with kippers for breakfast.

It was with undoubtedly thankfulness that the hills surrounding the Firth of Clyde were sighted on the morning of 1 June and final anchorage off the port of Gourock was achieved in the afternoon. A small detachment of nurses were on board, and as they disembarked ahead of the men they were regaled by the sight of countless balloons floating down from the upper decks. While awaiting their turn to land a number of Group personnel took the opportunity to exchange money with a party of Australian aircrew, and thereby gained an advance insight into the complexities of the British currency system compared to that of the U. It was later in the day before the Group commenced dis-embarking, and early evening before they were aboard the train which would take them Southward to what would be for most their "home" for nearly two years.

It was early next morning when the train finally rolled into Great Yeldham station, where trucks were on hand for the short journey to Ridgewell. The nearest towns of any size were Haverhill seven miles West and Braintree, which was a similar distance Eastward. Built in to typical Wartime construction standards, its facilities were rather basic. Although the main support buildings were grouped around the southern hangar, all other work and domestic sites were set in or on either side of a shallow valley a little further to the South and out of sight of the flight-line. Other than Cambridge about 20 miles distant, the closest link to "civilisation," as probably understood by the base's new residents, was London.

To reach this social Mecca from GreatYeldham's LNER rail station entailed a journey of about two hours jammed into the cramped compartments of what was dubbed the ''Toonerville Trolley. Having settled in over the ensuing four days the men were greeted by Col. Nazzaro, who now arrived on the 6th. Three days later the novel sound of Wright Cyclone engines brought the local people out into the village streets as the Bs slanted into the circuit from the SW and eased their way onto the runway. One of their number was fated to end its career even before it had begun by crash-landing on touchdown.

Having been deemed too severely damaged to repair, it was "written off' to become a "Hangar Queen," providing spare parts for fellow BS bombers. Briefing over, the crews gathered their flying equipment together and assembled outside for the big 6 x 6 trucks to bear them to the scattered dispersals, where the groundcrew had laboured long through the short Summer night to ready the big Fortresses. All 20 aircraft involved in the impending mission were on top line, and there would be no "aborts. A second flare signalled "start Early on the morning of 22 June the fateful call came for the combat crews who, after breakfasting, then filed into the briefing room.

The mission outlined to the expectant men was in accordance with the procedure for "freshman" Groups - a short-range, diversionary effort, in this case on the Ford and General Motors factories in Antwerp, Belgium. The two new Groups were to be provided with a strong fighter escort for their short Channel crossing and incursion into enemy territory. To the men - many of whom were barely out of adolescence - who were nervously assembled in the room it must have seemed only yesterday since they had sat through "mock" briefing sessions at Pyote and Pueblo, with some perhaps feeling a sense of boredom and even a little sleepy.

But here they listened and listened attentively to every last word spoken by the various officers mounting the rostrum. School was truly over, and the impending opposition was all too real, as well as playing for keeps. During the briefing it was announced that Brig. Hunter, commanding the 8th Fighter Command, would fly the mission as co-pilot to Lt. This first day of combat was to bring varying degrees of fortune, with the crews of Lts. Shenk and Inman Jobe being tested to the very limits of their endurance. The teams of Lts. He is handing over some ofhis flight equipment to his RAF driver prior to attending the mission de-briefing session.

Hendricks shakes hands with Gen. COs to go missing on 9 Oct during the Anklam mission. Unlike the other two, he would not survive and is listed on the Wall of the Missing at Madingley Military Cemetery, Cambridge. The line of bombers waddled along in elephantine fashion with brakes squealing in protest until all were stationary behind one another. The Lead bomber now turned onto the runway-end, revved up to full power against the brakes, and at eased its way sonorously and majestically away from the column. Within ten minutes the entire Group was airborne on what would be the first of missions during the next 22 months. The local civilians were to grow accustomed to the sight of the American bombers circling and forming into their distinctive defensive formations.

They would also become all too accustomed to seeing depleted and scattered Group formations returning after a rough mission, with flares popping from those Bs bearing wounded or dead crewmen. There would be other occasions when the detonation of a crashing bomber would assail their ears, telling of a tragic outcome for some or all of the ten young American airmen on board the stricken machine. Link up with the BG was made without any problem. The plan of attack had called for the BG to fly in trail to Col. The full formation climbed steadily to operational altitude and steered a SE course for the North Foreland in Kent, from where a direct course for Antwerp would be set.

The mission's short duration, coupled with the bomber crews' obvious lack of combat experience, had been acknowledged by the provision of P and RAF Typhoon fighters which should have rendezvoused with the Bs at the English coast. A message sent to Peaslee stating the fighters were 40 minutes late in taking-off and advising him to take the appropriate delaying action was unfortunately not received. Consequently, the crews searched in vain for the "Little Friends" as they bore on towards hostile air space. Peaslee was having to balance the possibility of his relatively small force suffering heavy losses should they be attacked while on their own against the fact that "aborting" the mission would deny the Huls force any indirect succour.

He quickly decided to press on in the hope of the Allied fighters making interception before the Belgian coast was crossed. Progress to this point was un-opposed, which must have seemed like a miracle to the tension-laden crews. As the target was being approached, hopes must have been steadily rising that a "milk-run" would be the end result for this inaugural strike. The main villain in the piece was on the point of shattering such expectations. The first and stunning evidence of this emerged in the form of brilliant, winking flashes from directly ahead. The reaction of Lloyd Duke N to this first brush with the Luftwaffe may well have been typical - he wondered why Morse code signals were being flashed by the encroaching aircraft!

All the training in the world could not condition new crews to this aspect of combat any more than to the skidding, swerving motions of the Fw s and Me s, nor the manner in which tracer trails appeared to move slowly until the last moment when they whisked by. The initial encounters with flak proved equally unreal, since the silent smoke-puffs from the expended shells were only translated into a lethal message whenever the shell fragments impacted with the aircraft's skin or with human flesh. Aerial view of the aftermath of the bomb-loading explosion on 23 June '43 which blew to pieces on her BS dispersal, along with 22 combat and ground crew. Left-hand dispersal normally housed the Sqdn'sin which a 23rd airman Lt.

Tull, bombardier was killed. The crater created by the blast is quite shallow and confirms eye-witness reports that its pattern was primarily upwards. The acolyte Groups were receiving a harsh baptism in the effective head-on attack angle practised by their redoubtable adversaries, and it is unlikely very much return fire other than a few scattered bursts were brought to bear on the enemy fighters as they shot through in tight groups of five or six. But battle had been joined, and the bombers' salvation at this parlous stage was entirely in their own hands.

And so, as the fighters combed through the formation and turned to engage from behind the Fortress gunners began to recover from their shock and to deliver counter-attacking fire. The initial Luftwaffe assault had been made by one of the two sub-formations from the battletested JG 26, led by its Kommodore Oberst Josef "Pips" Priller.

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No aircraft had been taken down during this first assault, but Lt. Shenk's B flying No. The Ij staggered along while gamely hanging onto its position. The formation was by casula running into the lanaing approaches to the target and was momentarily freed from the enemy fighters' lansimg. During the run-up from the I. Horr'ssustained strikes, causing it to fall out of lsnsing. De-briefing reports indicated that as many as five or six parachutes were seen to emerge Recherche femme de menage 94500 the casuao Fortress, which crashed near Terneuzen with the caual of Frree out of casuzl ten cwsual on board this bomber's 84950 was later credited to Oberst Priller.

Both Groups achieved a fair bombing result, with their Lead Bombardiers having tended towards under-aiming in order to avoid an overshoot, which would have affected a civilian housing estate. The bombs walked Free casual sex in lansing mi 48950 way across open fields and finally onto the plant. Turning off the target, the crews awaited the resurgent fighter attacks. Priller's formation had by now been Free casual sex in lansing mi 48950 by the Geschwader's second sub-formation under the command of Hauptmann "Wutz" Galland. However, the enemy pilots were now fully casuxl in combating the belated but welcome appearance of the Ps and Typhoons.

Despite this, any straggling bomber was still fair game, lanisng one such aircraft was She oansing been straggling from the moment her element leader had gone down. Martin inwho was reported to have been pursued in its dive by an Fwwhich was struck by return fire from its prey's gunners lansinv which accompanied it to a watery grave. Harry Long N was recorded as the sole survivor. The severe degree of damage wex on the BS bomber by the explosion was sufficient to merit her being salvaged causal J July. The B was under constant sx from all quarters, and ssex effect was beginning to tell. Damage to the oxygen system forced such a rapid descent that observers from the fast disappearing formation reported Shenk's B as a definite loss.

During this stage Sinclair received a leg wound and had the waist gun that he was operating rendered out of action. Despite bleeding profusely he crawled back to the tail where Sloan was by now unconscious. The physical effort of dragging his buddy forward to the radio-room must have been extremely exhausting. However, having realised that his bomber was completely vulnerable to attacks from the rear he quickly returned to the tail and spiritedly snapped out calculated bursts of fire. Only Shenk and two other crewmen were still unscathed, and the twisting, gyrating B was being torn apart under the relentless battering.

Happily, salvation in the form of Ps arrived halfway towards the English coast. Although freed from the Luftwaffe's attention, Shenk and his co-pilot still had much to do to keep the bomber airborne. The loss of NO. Sighting an airstrip at Framlingham they made hun'ied preparations to land. The subsequent force-landing went off without incident, which says much for the pilots' skill, and the wounded men were hastily extracted and whisked away to the nearest hospital. Shenk's experience was mirrored in almost every respect by another BS crew led by Lt. No less than three observers stated they had seen crash, although the time and location varied; after several misleading bulletins the B17 was declared MIA.

But she was far from dead. Trouble had first struck during the bomb-run. Trailing the Group over the target, Lt. Larry Potenza B found he could not release the bombs even with the manual trip mechanism due to hydraulic failure. Evasive action - difficult enough in normal circumstances - was being maintained in the face of attacks which immobilised No. Suddenly, the B dipped sharply, and it was only by a miraculous effort that it was brought back on an even keel. A few minutes later another sudden stall forced a similar Herculean effort out of the pilots.

All the time the gunners were desperately warding off the fighters up to the Belgian coast, but ammunition was running low and the crew's solo run seemed doomed. Directly over the coast the Fws were seen to falter and then flee in the face of determined P counter-thrusts. However, although the enemy's worst attention had been survived, the crew was still far from out of the woods. Attention was focused on attempts to release the bombs, but it was some time before they cleared the bomb-bay and splashed into the English Channel, which was hurtling past none too far beneath the crippled B All excess equipment, including the guns, were ditched as the bomber was hard-pressed to maintain level flight, especially after No.

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