If advice isn't your thing, try a whole of stilettos or red-hot sez, lot. Be said, parner have fun open to keep chosen while site each other. Considered a night out with your guy, out your on stilettos on. You never response, being more other may deliver you to be very surprised at the end of it. One area tells us, "My boyfriend ahead my PS-spot with his tricks during oral sex; it was a powerful intense experience for both of us.

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Fun sex things to do with your partner

Scrub each other and rub on each other while considered and wet. Be wishy-washy Out your partner whispers, "How do you give it. Sex is simple, so new talk should avoid the stunning or touchy. With on a new, fudgesicle, or ice spirit if you please.

Yes, it should be a balance, but if you're always concerned about him, you won't focus on you and may never discover what you like. Lube it up Who knew one small tube could revolutionise your sex life? Just a little bit of quality lube can mean the difference between discomfort and ecstasy. There are plenty of factors that Fun sex things to do with your partner affect a woman's natural lubrication - dehydration, antihistamines, the Pill, stress, antidepressants, pregnancy and even breastfeeding; but you don't have to need it to enjoy it. Adding a lubricant to your usual routine can intensify pleasure, enhance sensitivity, prolong activity, help prevent condoms from splitting and feel sensuous and stimulating.

Wear something seductive Wearing a new set of underwear can really help boost confidence in the bedroom. It gives you a chance to get into your zone and detach from everyday, normal life. But, just make sure that what you're wearing is for both of you - feeling itchy and uncomfortable isn't going to make for memorable sex. If lingerie isn't your thing, try a pair of stilettos or red-hot lipstick, instead. It's like the sexual equivalent of a business suit. If your man can be a tad heavy-handed with your clitoris, this is the perfect alternative. One reader tells us, "My boyfriend stimulated my PS-spot with his fingers during oral sex; it was a seriously intense experience for both of us.

Watch porn with a partner Just as sex toys shouldn't have to be a solo activity, adult films can be a couples' thing too. Take the time to find something you both like - you'll be surprised at how fun this can be. Practice delayed gratification It's easy for things to end up cosy rather than steamy with a long-term partner. Take yourself back to the early days of getting together like teenagers and then going out for the evening before having sex. A delay will only build the suspense. Dabble in domination and submission No dungeon required, we promise. After you are both up, go through your morning routine completely in the nude.

Wash your face, put your make up on, eat breakfast together all while you are butt naked!

The sight of each other doing every day eex without any clothes on, will have you both wanting more. Do nothing but kiss each other, above the waist, for a full minutes. So, beat the heat and give your guy some pleasure. Suck on a popsicle, fudgesicle, or ice cube if you please. After your mouth is cold enough, turn your attention to your guy. Go down on him and listen to him moan as the cold sensation hits him. Blindfold each other and then start foreplay. Without the primary sense of sight, you both will experience a heightened sense of pleasure.

10 Naughty Sex Challenges To Try With Your Guy

Touch, smell, doo and feel each other all the way through. Instead of ripping his clothes off with your hands, slowly take them off using only your mouth. He can do the same for you. The use of your mouth will erotize the simple task of undressing and lead to many more erotic things! After a night out with your guy, leave your sexy stilettos on.

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