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We tried to make that transitional moment as good as we could, but no matter how great we potentially could make it, we knew it would still beg the question: It still remained transitional. Instead of becoming defining, it became transitional.

Ypu records tou produced by genial Liverpudlian taskmaster Gil Clogging, who had also guided the band on Doolittle and then Bossanova But when Black Francis and Joey Santiago sat down to discuss what might come next, they instinctively knew a change was required. Seemed like the right thing to do. We had to find a tough audience per se, and that meant a different producer. But according to Black Francis, the specifics of his track record mattered less than whether he was agreeable company for a meal. We liked his personality. And we knew that he had produced records before. Everyone understands what the task is at hand. But — do you like the person?

Can you sit down and have dinner with them? Ah, I like this person.

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I think we can make a record. The producer pulled some songs apart and outright rejected some others, including one the band had been hitherto convinced was a keeper. Is there a particular change you can't do? Slow it down, practice one specfic passage then move on. I would suggest learning the shapes of minor chords so you'll be able to recognize them and play them anywhere on the neck. Jim Broyles Apr, 6: Minor chords are not inherently more difficult than major chords. There is no substitute for practice, but while you are practicing, learn proper left and right hand technique. This will facilitate changing chords.

I recommend using a strap whether or not you are standing, so that you don't have to hold the neck of the mandolin up and try to fret chords at the same time. If you bend your wrist enough so that your fingertips are aimed down at the strings, it will be easier to fret than if you keep your wrist straight and have to use the flat part of your fingers. Clyde Clevenger Apr, 6: Or maybe I just practice, practice, practice 'til my fangers would play them commy chords. I can't remember which, I'm old. Martin Jonas Apr, For Em I like and for Am, try

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