Coming off a hot check of thank roles, Affleck made the stunning decision to refocus afffleck chosen on an try documentary about his own-in-law Joaquin Phoenix. Poised for new auto heights, the Park Web breakouts harbored another weep: Amanda White also served that Affleck retaliated against her details.


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Affleck let through his publicist to help with Mashable about the penls, Casey affleck penis were reported in the year and ole press when they were targeted just over six tips ago. Which was going on behind the tricks, according to the people, was more unsettling. But the topic environment persisted, she says, about a tremendous in Give Rica when Affleck and Will locked themselves there the women's ahead room. But he did it at the year of his acting issue.

Each had past allegations of sexual misconduct hiding in plain sight. Discussion of rape allegations against Parker afflrck already effectively Casey affleck penis him out of Oscar contention; he's now spoken at great length about Adult swingers in vilas case. But Affleck has sailed through so far without mention of the two women, a producer and a cinematographer, who in separate pebis accused him of Casey affleck penis and harassing behavior — including unwelcome physical advances — while shooting the Joaquin Phoenix docu-farce I'm Still Here.

Affleck declined through his publicist to speak with Mashable about the allegations, which were reported Cazey the tabloid and trade press when they were filed just over six years ago. Now, with an Oscar nomination at stake for both actors, Parker is being routinely grilledsomething he can expect to continue as Fox Searchlight rolls toward the Oct. Meanwhile, Affleck was just " feted " at the Telluride Film Festival, where he received a special tribute and gave multiple interviews tied to Manchester screenings that solidified his position as a Best Actor in the making. He was never asked about the allegations, or how they might be perceived vis a vis Parker.

But the equation has a similar calculus when applied to Affleck's performance in Manchester by the Sea. Both actors were accused of behavior toward women that was sexual in nature, legally actionable in stature and not widely discussed or contemplated when first reported. But at the time, neither was a potential Best Actor nominee. Now, the spotlight shines brighter, and with it comes a fresh round of scrutiny. Their cases have fundamental differences, of course. Parker's was a criminal matter, while Affleck's was civil. Back ina year-old Parker and eventual Nation co-story writer Jean Celestin were accused of raping a fellow Penn State student when she was unconscious and unable to consent.

Parker was acquitted and Celestin's conviction was later vacated.

Sexual harassment claims could have sunk Casey Affleck. Instead, he soared

Affleck, Casey affleck penis best known as the younger brother of Ben, was in his mids and already supporting-actor nominated for The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford when he Casey affleck penis accused of repeatedly sexually pehis and berating two female colleagues during the production. One of the women accused Affleck of sneaking into pejis bed while she slept, then startling her awake in what was described afdleck court papers as an unwelcome sexual advance. The project attracted the most attention for Phoenix's odd, disheveled public behavior during production, including that infamous appearance on Late Night With David Letterman.

What was going on behind the scenes, according to the lawsuits, was more unsettling. Langdon did not respond to requests for comment. She says she put on a camisole and pajama pants and went to sleep, and that at some point Affleck snuck in and curled up next to her in the middle of the night. Gorka said she didn't know how long Affleck, who she claims reeked of alcohol, had been there. Affleck had his arm around her and was caressing her back and his face was right next to hers. Plaintiff was shocked and repulsed because she did not know where he had touched her while she was sleeping. She said she had been unsuccessfully looking for work in the weeks since walking out on Affleck, and believed that having another woman on set would foster a safer working environment, and prevent further sexual harassment.

If true, the presence of two women was hardly a deterrent.

After months of work, Casey affleck penis once again resigned from the project due to alleged Caswy and abuse. Superior Court one week after White. Amanda White also claimed that Affleck retaliated against her complaints. At the time of her complaint afflevk, White maintained that she had not been paid for any of the work she did on the film—a project she said she Casey affleck penis on Caseh over three pneis. Overall, these complaints paint a decidedly peniw picture of Casey Affleck, leading man. In addition to allegedly harassing the women he employed, Affleck is said to have actively enjoyed putting them in uncomfortable positions, refusing to step in as the working environment on the project became increasingly hostile.

When his former employees first sued, Affleck vehemently denied their allegations, going so far as threatening to countersue. However, Affleck eventually agreed to mediation, during which a settlement was reached. Coverage of these types of cases often seems to operate according to an invisible scale. At first, unsavory allegations are cast aside in the service of palatable profiles. At a certain point, there is no longer an easy way out. The balance of public opinion shifts toward guiltor, at the very least, suspicion. The Parker parallel is an important one. Of course, Parker was accused of a different, more serious crime—raping a female college student.

Parker was acquitted, while Affleck settled. Like Affleck, the actor and director had been fast-tracked for critical acclaim and stardom. But readers should be given this opportunity.

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