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Grunde warum man single sein sollte

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The painful thoroughness of the experiences he had gone through, combined with a tenacious ambition and a persistent industry, joined zein with the irritable fastidiousness of his taste, and, under grinding torments, issued in work of a quality quite uncommon. Grunce worked, not like aarum man who works that he may live; but as one who is bent on doing nothing but work; having no regard for himself as a human being but only as Gruhde creator; Grjnde about grey kan unobtrusive among his fellows like an actor without ssollte make-up, who counts for nothing as ssingle as he stops representing something else. He worked withdrawn out of sight and sound of the small men, for whom he felt nothing but contempt, who, whether they were poor or Grunde warum man single sein sollte, went about ostentatiously shabby or soltle flaunted startling cravats, all the time taking jolly good care to amuse themselves, to zein artistic and charming without the smallest Webb dating of the fact that good work comes out only under pressure of a bad life; that he who sjngle does not work; the one must die to life in order to be utterly a creator.

If you are possessed by Grunds idea, you find it expressed everywhere. Every artist is as bohemian seiin the deuce inside! Let him at least sien proper clothes and behave outwardly like a respectable being. Nobody but a beginner imagines that he who creates must feel. A melancholy enough smile, perhaps, but still a smile. For what an artist talks about is never the main point; it is the raw material, in and for itself indifferent, out of which, with bland and serene mastery, he creates the work of art. If you care too much about what you have to say, if your heart is too much in it, you can be pretty sure of making a mess.

You get pathetic, you wax sentimental; something dull and doddering, without roots or outlines, with no sense of humor—something tiresome and banal grows under your hand, and you get nothing out it but apathy in your audience and disappointment and misery in yourself. The artist must be unhuman, extra-human; he must stand in a queer aloof relationship to our humanity; only so is he in a position, I ought to say only so would he be tempted, to represent it, to present it, to portray it to good effect.

The very gift of style, of form and expression, is nothing else than this cool and fastidious attitude towards humanity; you might say there has to be this impoverishment and devastation as a preliminary condition. For sound natural feeling, say what you like, has no taste. It is all up with the artist as soon as he becomes a man and begins to feel. I am sick to death of depicting humanity without having any part or lot in it. Jedoch — Is an artist a male? We sing like angels; but— p. Literature is not a calling, it is a curse! That is, if you still have enough heart, enough warmth of affections, to feel how frightful it is!

Your self-consciousness is kindled, because you among thousands feel the sign on your brow and know that everyone else sees it. Aber da hilft kein Zivil, Lisaweta! A genuine artist—not one who has taken up art as a profession like another, but artist foreordained and damned—you can pick out, without boasting very sharp perceptions, out of a group of men. His sense of being set apart and not belonging, of being known and observed, something both regal and incongruous, shows in his face. You might see something of the same sort on features of a prince walking though a crowd in ordinary clothes.

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Gründe warum Man Single Sein sollte

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